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Below are some short films that I have made during college and university. In my spare time I've been collaborating with friends to draft a screenplay for a short sci-fi set in a gritty near-future. There may be some other bits and peices on my Vimeo profile.

24 Hour Film Project - Western Gold

A Film Noir / Western short film which was conceived, recorded and edited in under 24 hours!
This was an advanced film production coursework for Oxford Brookes University. We used our own DSLRs so we could shoot in HD and use my selection of lenses.

I took the role of sound engineer in this project. Time was incredibly tight so as soon as one member of the group was finished on camera I took them upstairs to record their internal monologues. I used Pro Tools to record and edit the sound, then exported to WAV so that it could be dropped into Adobe Premier with maximum quality.

In between recordings I was scouring the internet for suitable sound effects and music. I eventually found some great music on Jamendo which was released under a Creative Commons license.

We received the project brief at 9AM on a Monday morning and finished around 5AM on Tuesday. There wasn't really any script to speak of - this combined with lack of sleep led the whole film into some pretty strange places...

Enjoy :)

Art Foundation Final Film Project - "Donoghue"

Click here to watch on Vimeo.

This was my final major project on my art foundation course at Weston College. I wrote, directed, filmed and edited it over 8 weeks. It draws a lot of inspiration from Rian Johnson's 'Brick'.

Art Foundation Film Project - Colour

Click here to watch on Vimeo.

This is the second film that I made on my art foundation course. In this project I was exploring colour and experimenting with my new camera. Strapped my tripod into the front passenger seat of the car.

I recorded this song for Louisa Baker who wrote and performed it..

"Opportunity Strikes" - © Louisa Baker 2010