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Kitson Consulting Business Cards

Last year I was commissioned to design business cards for the folks at Kitson Consulting. During my work placement with them I made some cards for myself, which is what prompted me to put them on here.

Kitson Consulting logo

Another designer created the logo which we used on the back of the cards and on the rest of the branding. We had them all printed on nice recycled card by JamJar Print.

Art Foundation Illustration Project

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This is a graphics/illustration project that I was given during my art foundation course at Weston College. Our project brief was to create illustrations for a childrens book that the lecturer had chosen ("My Potty Book for Boys" by Andrea Pinnington). For the critique I printed on A3 semi-gloss to show how they would appear in real life production.

The brief required that at least one page consisted only of typography but I made heavy use of it throughout to tie the whole project together. I also made great use of a bucket of foam letters that I got at a craft store.

Some of the underpants were from a catalogue that I scanned in; some use outlines that I made in Illustrator with textures from scanned paper and fabrics. I also found that if I used a photocopier to reduce the size, I could scan in the photocopied pants that my friend kindly brought into college.

Business Card - Nutrition & Fitness

This is the first business card design that I created for Louisa when she was starting up as a freelance health instructor. We had them printed by a Bristol-based company who did a rather nice job on it.