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I've written several songs with and without bands. I enjoy live sound engineering and studio work as well as sound for moving image. I hope to eventually show a mixture of these things below...

Sound for Film - The Insider

I made this for a college project in 2009 during my music BTEC course.
We were given several clips from films with the sound stripped from them. We had to add our own Foley and sound effects using Pro Tools. I chose the title sequence from The Insider.

How the Internet Has Affected the Music Industry

How the Internet has Affected the Music Industry

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This is a report that I wrote for a research project during my music BTEC course.

I chose to look at how the Internet has affected the music industry because I have an interest in technology as well as a passion for music. The changes that are taking place will change the whole media industry for ever but the music industry was one of the first to feel the effects, and one of the most strongly affected compared to other areas of the media/entertainment industry.