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There are some examples of my freelance web design and development below, but most of my recent work has been with Kitson Consulting, so you can see some more over on the Kitson portfolio page.

Kay Wensley Yoga

Previously Kay Wensley had a website that didn't look how she wanted and didn't give her any control over the content. After I showed her how easy it is to edit my own site using pluck she asked me to set one up for her.

I met with her several times to find out exactly what kind of visual theme she wanted for her site. She was using a spiral as a logo on her flyers so I decided to start experimenting with hand painted spirals and lines using inks. I scanned them in and we discussed which were most effective and how they would fit into a site layout.

The site came together really naturally. We got the minimalism that we were looking for while the colour scheme and hand painted elements make it really warm and give it a nice charm.

While we were on a roll I also designed some business cards for her and had them printed on recycled card by a great Bristol-based company.


Thought for Food

For this module I had to evaluate the designs of two sites on a chosen topic (I chose cooking) then design and build our own site based on what we had learned. During development we also had to keep a design journal. I didn't go to many of the lectures as a lot of them were on basic HTML and I was busy working on Stop the Traffik. I did however find keeping a journal very useful in understanding how to make the whole design/development process more effective.

This project focused mostly on design and it was a bit rushed so some functionality is missing. We weren't allowed to use any server-side programming so I relied on JavaScript quite heavily. I had fun experimenting with CSS to make the design resize and change to fit different sized screens - try resizing your browser when you're viewing the site.


Stop The Traffik

This was a huge collaboration between Sea, Subzerostudio and Kitson Consulting to build a social network with the aim of raising awareness and campaigning against human traffiking.

This was the first major server-side project that I was involved with. On most of my previous projects I only focused on the aesthetics without being so involved in the back-end programming. The whole site was written bespoke so it was a great learning experience working on the innards while Sea and Subzero took care of the design and visual side.