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There are some examples of my freelance web design and development below, but most of my recent work has been with Kitson Consulting, so you can see some more over on the Kitson portfolio page.


Louisa wanted a website to promote her bands and songwriting work. After discussing the look that she was going for we decided on this design. This minimalist look uses CSS3 to add the glowing effects to the headings and uses few images which makes for a sleek, fast-loading design. For the page header I finally had a chance to use a font called Raleway from The League of Moveable Type.

I teamed up with Kitson Consulting for hosting and development on this one. They built on the Audio for Everybody project to produce a reliable cross-platform audio player that integrates nicely with the site.

Louisa also requested that I design a mini-site for the launch of her record label BakerLou Records:

Louisa's domain name is awaiting renewal but you can click here to view the main site

or click here to view the BakerLou Records micro-site


Brendagh O'Sullivan asked me to create a site to promote her work (predominently acupuncture) and allow her to post resources for patients.

For this site I did mock-ups in Photoshop and met with Brendagh regularly until she was happy with the design. It soon became clear that Brendagh needed to make more frequent updates so I called on Nick Hatter to help me migrate the site to Drupal. The site is currently hosted by Kitson Consulting.

Portfolio Site - My10InchFrosty

The last site that I made in Flash. I used it as a portfolio before and during college (2007 - 2009). Due to the time consuming nature of updating a Flash site updates were infrequent and now some pages are in disrepair.

The design is fairly unconventional, highly impractical but quite fun and interesting.

Some of my older Flash projects can be found within.